Suzuki Kimeshi

Suzuki Kimeshi Funabashi City boasts the highest number of fish in Chiba prefecture, which has the highest catch of sea bass in Japan. Suzumeshishi was developed in 2013 as a gourmet using Suzuki. The original Suzumeshishi that won the gourmet event is rice croquette, which is fried rice cooked with sea bass and honbinos shellfish. There are also other creative dishes, Suzumeshi, that each restaurant has its own taste.



Grilled A local dish of the Boso Peninsula, made by rolling "namero" into flat dumplings, wrapping it in large leaves, and then baking it. Originally, the cooking method was to put it in the shell of an abalone and steam it, but recently, it is more common to make it like a hamburger. The food name "sanga" means "Yama no Ie" in the Chiba dialect. The name comes from the fishermen eating at the hut, which was devised so that fishermen's rice along the sea could be enjoyed inland.


Futomaki Festival Sushi

Futomaki Festival Sushi It is a type of thick sushi roll that is widely used in the Boso area, and is a local dish that is said to have existed around 170 years ago mainly in the eastern part of the prefecture, such as the Kamogawa city and the Sanmu area. It is possible to make the cross section of the slice into a beautiful pattern and make it about 10 cm in diameter. In addition to the one wrapped with seaweed on the outside, the type wrapped with egg omelet is also a standard item, and the tendency differs depending on the region. It is said that the Kishu specialty "Meharizushi", which was owned by a Kishu fisherman who came to Boso for sa…


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