Grilled ginger

(Ginger pot) is a Japanese dish of grilled meat marinated in sauce with ginger juice. It is a recipe based on pork, and simply saying "ginger-baked" means "ginger-baked pork." It is also called pork ginger in Japanese-made English, but it often refers to sauteed meat dishes that use thick loin and have a Western flavor. The ginger aroma reduces the smell and oily smell of the meat, and its spicy taste is an appetite, so it can be said that this dish is suitable for supplementing the vitamin B group with pork such as during summer batter. Because it can be made easily in a short time, it is often made at home. Ginger flavor sauce is sometimes app…


Three types of shabu-shabu: meat, crab, fish

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hot-pot dish that is made by boiling very thinly sliced meat in a special pot on the table, heating it in soup several times, then adding it to the sauce. As for sauce, ponzu and sesame sauce are common Shabu-shabu is a dish that can be enjoyed by families as well as various types of fish in addition to various meats. Try it at home


Nabeyaki Udon

Hot noodles are useful in cold winters. Above all, “Nabeyaki Udon”, which is served in a clay pot, is the best atarimari food. This one article that can be said to be exclusively for such winter Nabeyaki udon is a specialty of Ehime and Matsuyama You can eat all year long ~


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