Saga, the future of Etsu cuisine

A fish with a total length of 30-40 cm belonging to the Anchovy family that inhabits the Chikugo River basin and climbs the river by spawning in early summer. There are many small bones, and the cook cuts the bones into small pieces before cooking.

The banned season is from May 1st to July 20th, so this phantom fish can only be eaten for about three months in early summer. Fishing nets are caught by fishing boats and caught in the river.

There are various ways to eat stick sushi (shizushi), grilled with salt, surimi, stewed foods, and sometimes blue perilla or vinegar is used to relieve the texture of small bones.

Every year in Morotomi Town in Saga City, you can enjoy the seasonal Etsu cuisine by holding the "Etsu Silver Festival" every year.

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