Iwakuni sushi

Iwakuni sushi
As a preserved food of the Iwakuni clan, pressed sushi made from rice and lotus root with vegetables and fish. Also called Tonosama sushi.

A local dish that is similar to chirashi sushi, with green vegetables such as garland chrysanthemum, lotus roots from Iwakuni, shiitake mushrooms, and kinshi egg on top of vinegared rice that has been loosened and mixed with mackerel and horse mackerel.

A box of 150 servings can be made by stacking multiple layers in a large wooden box and pressing them into a sandwich. It will be separated into individual servings and behave in large groups such as New Year.

Of course, you can order for one person at the restaurant. You can enjoy it as a side menu for lunch or as an item in an izakaya.



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