Fried from soy sauce

Fried from soy sauce
The number of specialty fried chicken shops has increased since the 2010s, but there are many soy sauce karaage shops in Ibaraki prefecture that use soy sauce.

There are many places to expand the chain.
・ Karamaru, which has multiple stores in Ibaraki prefecture and uses Shibanuma soy sauce
・ “Ganso Karaage Honpo” that spreads mainly in the northern Kanto region using Chiba soy sauce
・ "Terada Shoten" is headquartered in Ryugasaki and operates mainly in Ibaraki prefecture.
・ "Kenkyu", which has one store in Ushiku
"Chick Ichiban", a nationwide chain Yukimura-tei, opens in the center of Ibaraki Prefecture
・ A chicken chain that has stores in Ibaraki prefecture throughout Japan

In many stores, chicken is dipped in soy sauce using a specific soy sauce brand, seasoned with garlic and ginger, and fried in thick batter.



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