Kinmedai shabu-shabu

I want to eat it once in a lifetime! The story of the longed-for goldfish snapper shabu-shabu Kinme snapper with red and beautiful fish. The season is winter, but there are lots of catches throughout the year, and the greasy white fish is also attractive because it is suitable for any food. There is shabu-shabu in the dish where you can feel the deliciousness of Kinmetai When you get fresh Kinmetai, you should definitely try the Kinmeushi shabu-shabu. Kinme bream shabu-shabu with a taste different from sashimi. I want to taste the taste while slowly moving the chopsticks.


[Nagoya] Local people recommended! Hitsumabushi

One of Nagoya's specialties is Hitsumabushi. Plenty of eel carved on rice, first as it is. Next, eat it with condiments, and at the end, eat it with tea or dashi soup like ozazuke. This is a commonly known eating method. There are many shops in Nagoya where you can eat Hitsumabushi. Not only the traditional “Hitsumabushi” that each store has been protecting for many years, how to grill eel and sauce, but in fact it seems that there is also a particular commitment in how to eat it



Sukiyaki is a unique Japanese meat dish in which the sweetness of sugar and soy sauce is harmonized with the meat. In general, ingredients such as green onions, tofu, and shirataki are used, and they are eaten with melted eggs. It is characterized by slightly different recipes in the Kansai region and the Kanto region. Along with sushi and tempura, it is known around the world as a representative Japanese dish. Sukiyaki is prepared differently in Kanto and Kansai, as it is said that Kansai and Kanto couples can also make Sukiyaki. Kanto style This is a cooking method in which meat and vegetables are boiled at the same time using the sauce (spli…


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