Persimmon leaf sushi

Persimmon leaf sushi Sushi with mackerel or salmon fillet on vinegared rice, wrapped in persimmon leaves and pressed. Eat after removing persimmon leaves. There is a history that fishermen of the Kishu clan once flowed from the upper Kino River to Yamato, and it is said to be a famous product of Wakayama Prefecture, but it is well known in Nara Prefecture. It is said that it is wrapped with persimmon leaves, which has a bactericidal effect, so that it can be stored for a long time. It is said that the flavor goes up and the saltiness is softened.


Yamaguchi Shimonoseki Puffer

"Fugu", a high-quality fish that represents Yamaguchi Prefecture, is famous as a specialty of Shimonoseki. About 80% of blowfish in Japan will be shipped to all over the country after going through Shimonoseki's Haedari market. Many natural blowfish are caught in Ishikawa, Shimane, and Shizuoka (Hamamatsu), and aquaculture is often found in Nagasaki and Kumamoto. Shimonoseki has developed as an "accumulation area" where the blowfish catch itself is small. It is said that in addition to the land pattern where the deep-sea fishing industry developed, the samurai at the end of the Edo period also liked puffer fish, and the number of chefs who own a…


Ise shrimp

Ise prawns are also famous In the Izu Peninsula, Shimoda City and many other Ise prawns are famous, and there are various shops from Atami and Numazu that are easily accessible by the Tokaido Main Line to Minami Izu. Salt-grilled and boiled salt that you can enjoy plump liquor, and miso soup with plenty of umami and sashimi are classic items. There are many other ways to eat pasta, ramen, kamameshi, tempura bowl, nabe, oyster grill, etc. In the summer season, the fishing period is the spawning season, and the fish can be caught and eaten from the end of September when the ban is lifted to the beginning of May of the following year. Winter is …


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