Cold but cold ramen

Local gourmet in Yamagata Prefecture Chilled ramen? Is that different from chilled Chinese food? Many people may have thought so. First of all, let me explain about "chilled ramen"! Chilled ramen is a local dish of Yamagata, and as its name suggests, cold ramen. Noodles and soups are both cool and often served with ice. The difference from chilled Chinese food is that noodles are soaked in a bowl full of soup, just like regular ramen. It is said that soups are generally soy sauce flavored and do not have the acidity of chilled Chinese soup. In other words, cold ramen as the name suggests! That is Yamagata local gourmet "chilled ramen"!


Yamagata Prefecture's Soul Food "Dondon Yaki"

Yamagata Prefecture's Soul Food "Dondon Yaki" Yamagata prefecture's soul food "Dondon Yaki" is an okonomiyaki that is wrapped around chopsticks. Put the ingredients and bake, wrap the dough around the chopsticks, and pour plenty of sauce. It is a snack-like B-class gourmet that covers the mochi mochi in a lively manner.


2nd Hokkaido Soul Food

2nd Hokkaido Soul Food Yakisoba lunch Chicken marinated meat with flavor condensed in noodles and chewy cabbage tangled in a rich sauce. Yakisoba lunch is a popular soul food for locals. Despite its low price of 180 yen, it features Yakisoba and Chinese soup. Rokkatei Marusei Butter Sandwich Rokkatei has a factory in Obihiro City. Speaking of Rokkatei, wrapping paper with plants is famous. The painting, drawn with a gentle touch, was created by a painter from Hokkaido, Naoyuki Sakamoto. Marusei Butter Sandwich is a representative among Rokkatei. The white chocolate used in the sand is 100% raw milk from Hokkaido. As you can see i…


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