Honke Abeya Superior Oyakodon Set Meal and Tori Tanpo Nabe

A gorgeous version with a lot of teriyaki thighs on top of the Onai-don with the Hinauchi chicken and topped with egg yolk. Enjoy the taste and elasticity overflowing from the body with the softly mellow egg, The refreshing soup taken from the Hinai chicken gala is full of vegetables such as rooted seri and burdock. The main character, Kiritanpo, is baked in Kishu Bincho charcoal and has a savory scent of rice....


Inari sushi

Inari sushi is a type of sushi in which sweet and boiled fried rice is packed with vinegared rice. Also called "Inari-san", "Inari", "Inari" and so on. Stuffed sushi rice mixed with carrots and shiitake mushrooms. Inari Shrine of Inari Shrine is a god of good harvest along with business prosperity, and a bale-shaped Inari sushi made of rice



Chazuke is a dish made mainly of rice and tea. Sometimes refers to how to eat rice with tea. Sometimes called poached politely. In some cases, even if the hot water is applied, it may be called chazuke, but if the hot water is applied, it is generally referred to as hot pickled. When you want to eat rice lightly and lightly, on a busy morning, drink alcohol and tighten it. Luxurious ochazuke


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