Oyakodon (Oyakodon, Oyakodonburi), a type of rice bowl cooked with chicken, boiled in a sashimi, etc., melted and put on rice. The name "parent and child" comes from the use of chicken meat and eggs. It is often boiled with green onions and onions and decorated with bees, green peas, and chopped laver. A dish called “Oyakodon” in a bowl made of ingredients other than chicken and eggs


Pork bowl

The basics of butadon are toast with charcoal fire using pork loin meat ... tangled with sauce and bake it. Pork bowl is a bowl of pork that combines the scent of pork, charcoal, and sauce in a bowl, making it as fragrant as possible. Serve on a hot bowl of hot rice! Nothing to say if you come here! !


beef bowl

Beef bowl (gyudon) is a bowl of beef and onion cooked over warm rice. Bukkake cuisine unique to Japan. There is a representative of Japanese version fast food.


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