Motsuyaki Stewed Miroku Dote Stewed Set Meal

The carefully cooked motu contains tofu and egg that taste well-stained, such as white and teppo, and it does not disappoint. Since opening, they have been making large pots every day while maintaining the added flavor. Recommended for those who want to eat guts


Today's dinner is Torigama rice

t is a cooked rice dish with meat and other ingredients and cooked in a kettle for one person. It's a kind of cooked rice, but it's not like a rice bowl from a kettle, it's a special feature of serving it at the table as it is.


Braised stew familiar in a izakaya

What kind of meat is "mochi" in the first place? For raw meat such as loin and fins, it means organ meat. Also called a hormone. Its nutritional value is very high, and it is said that natural carnivores eat their prey first when they harvest their prey. Cooking with meats such as steaks and roast beef is definitely delicious. But the price is high and I don't go to the common people every day. But if you have "it", it is reasonable. It goes well with sake and is a friend of the common people. Simmer the boiled pork white simmer with low heat over root vegetables and konjac. When the stew is over, turn off the heat and let it cool once, and …


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