Aizu Shirabeko Ramen

Aizu Shirabeko Ramen "Shirabeko Ramen" is a local ramen that features white soup made from Aizu milk. It sells as a new specialty, as it warms your body in the cold winter with its rich creaminess. Depending on the shop, there are salty and miso flavors, and miso ramen has a good compatibility with white miso and milk, and the topping of butter and corn is attractive.


Tenri Ramen

Tenri Ramen Local ramen in Tenri City. Soy sauce sauce is used for a tonkotsu, chicken broth based soup, and ingredients such as stir-fried Chinese cabbage, pork, and Chinese chive are on it. It's spicy and rich, and it's great to put grated garlic on the table. Not only store type, but also stalls, chain stores "Tensta" and "Saika" are famous. It is said that it was made for students of Tenri University and members of Tenrikyo who gather from all over the country.


Onomichi Ramen

Chuka soba, which was founded in 1947, is characterized by soy sauce-based soup and flat noodles. Many shops store back fat, and the classic ingredients are char siu, menma, and green onion toppings. Since the 1990s, the number of shops offering straight noodles with chicken galley has increased.


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