Hokkaido Ramen "Miso Bear" Jiyugaoka

Ajita Sapporo Miso Ramen, a popular restaurant with 6 stores in Tokyo, ¥ 860 `` Spicy miso ramen '' 860 yen Abundant ingredients, Omori is also very satisfied with the volume of free.


Ogikubo "Misokko Fuku"

The soup made by cooking chicken body, maple, spine, genkotsu, and flavored vegetables is thick and viscous, but has a much lighter aftertaste and a gentler taste. The soup with a delicious combination of sauce and sauce is like a potage without cheating with lard, garlic or ginger punch. The mile-animal soup removes the sharpness of the miso, so it's easy. The noodles are plump and elastic. Since the boil is dared to harden, the impression will soften as you continue to eat. 200 g of noodles so you can eat


Miso ramen yadoya-Nakameguro

Sapporo-style miso ramen made by a couple from Hokkaido. Reproduce the taste of the countryside that you ate as a child. Aiming to make a gentle old-fashioned aji White miso made with extra koji and low salt content is additive-free and homemade. The ripening period of miso is as short as 3-5 weeks. Commitment to use soup other than miso. Garlic, minced pork and vegetables are baked with homemade miso using lard, so if the owner shakes the wok, the smell of miso will stand in the shop


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