Manpuku-Ueno Okachimachi / Tonkatsu

Use 100% lard and fry slowly at 150 ° -160 ° over 20 minutes. The subtle adjustment that does not completely turn on the fire is true. Overwhelming low cutlet about 4 cm thick Ginger baked with two large loin meats. Rice goes on with a slightly darker sauce. For busy lunches where you can not afford to wait 20 minutes, many people ask for speed menu such as ginger grilled, miso grilled, skewers


Tonkatsu Minoya-Otsuka

About 240g per person and full volume. The batter is fried lightly. The pork juice that comes with the set meal is made with white miso with a strong flavor of bonito and mackerel. The ingredients are pork and cabbage, each time boiled in a small pot and hot. Limited tonkatsu ¥ 1800 A powerful flavor that comes with a little greasy ribulose, plenty of fresh grated ginger and a white miso with a hidden taste. Ginger baked ¥ 880


Tonkatsu seven wells-Gaienmae

It uses “maimai pork” made from rice as fertilizer, and is fine and sticky to the tongue. Perfect burning thick sliced cutlet ¥ 2100 The owner is particular about putting thin knives so that you can taste fat and lean meat with a bite. The frying oil is 100% lard and the batter is delicious! Upper loin ¥ 2100


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