A perfect score! ! Hanamaki Burger

A perfect score! ! but. . . Okara and konjac putty made from Konkon, a raw material, Calories are 1/10 of Nantes chicken! One Hanamaki burger has 320 calories and low calories! In addition, dietary fiber is equivalent to about 5 lettuce, Because it contains two different types of dietary fiber, it is expected to work to prevent lifestyle-related diseases, It is a strong ally of women and men who care about metabolic syndrome! !


Iwate specialty "Wanko soba"

Suddenly, you can enjoy Iwanate's specialty “Wanko Soba”! “Wanko soba” is served with a bite-sized soba in a bowl and served by the waiter. One of the real pleasures is interacting with the waiter, who can get in at the right time. The situation is not complete until you close the lid. It might be fun to challenge how many cups you can eat and your limits.


Iwate Prefecture Local Gourmet “Biscuit Tempura”

As the name suggests, biscuit tempura is a snack made from biscuits. When food was scarce, it was said that eating rare biscuits with rice flour was added to the volume. It was said that it was eaten not only as a snack for children but also as a dish of farm work and as a dish at a ceremonial occasion Tempura is a commercially available biscuit called "Kasanket". The batter is based on glutinous rice flour, but the composition is different for each household, such as adding flour. The freshly fried texture is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The subtle sweetness of the biscuit spreads in your mouth.


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