Hunton rice, Kanazawa

Hanton Rice is a Western food menu that originated in Kanazawa. The name comes from Han's inspiration for Hungarian cuisine, and ton means tuna in French. Generally, egg-yaki is put on ketchup rice, fry is put on it, and ketchup and tartar sauce are applied. The tuna fry seems to be the original fry, but due to soaring prices, it is now the mainstream to carry fries such as white fish and shrimp. There are shops where you can ride tonkatsu. Hunton rice was originally grilled German in Katamachi.


Now is the season of "Hotaruika"

"Firefly squid" has been caught in Toyama Bay since ancient times. Despite the small size of a few centimeters, the streamlined, elegant body, the clear skin, and the flock of sheer pales in the sea at night are pretty and beautiful. The season is from March to June. Most are caught by fixed net fisheries. After fishing, return to the port and boil this firefly squid immediately, season with Noto Peninsula's traditional fish soy sauce “Ishiri” and dry it on a net. Speaking of firefly squid, "Okizuke" is also famous.


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