Chicken rice Kagoshima

A local dish in which ingredients are put on rice served in a bowl, and a chicken glass soup made by boiling whole chicken is eaten. It is common for customers to add what is provided on a separate plate as they like. The reading is "Keihan" instead of "Tomemeshi", and it is a dish similar to chicken rice in Okinawa prefecture (kefan), not nationwide chicken rice. Ingredients vary depending on the shop, but they include chicken eggs, shiitake mushrooms, pickled papaya, pickled zawaan, etc. Also puts onions such as green onions, seaweed laver, chopped tongue skin and white sesame seeds. It is offered mainly in Amami Oshima, and there are also …


Sweet snacks, snacks on snacks

Fish meat paste classified as "fried kamaboko", which is made by shaping fish meat and fried in oil. Originally, Chinese-origin cuisine spread throughout the country after passing through the Ryukyus and Satsuma, and in Kagoshima Prefecture it is popularly called “Tsukeage”. In Kagoshima prefecture, people tend not to eat "oden" because of its tropical climate, and it is common to eat it on a plate. It is one article that is often treated in izakaya.


Kagoshima Prefecture Local Gourmet Kagoshima Ramen

Kagoshima ramen is unique, with some arrangements made at each store based on tonkotsu-based soup and straight noodles. It is characterized by the fact that there are many shops that offer clear soup soup, and it is said that it is not completely cloudy like Fukuoka or Kumamoto because of the prefectural nature that dislikes imitation of other prefectures. One of the features is that there are many shops where pickled radish and takuan come out when visiting. This ramen is unique to Kagoshima and has a long history of eating pork.


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