The best of Kagawa's pop rice

Home-cooked home-cooked dish prepared by mixing and stirring fried udon on white rice. It is seasoned with Iriko Dashi, which is also used in Sanuki Udon Dashi, and features a slightly juicy finish. Ingredients vary from store to store, but it's standard for chopped takuan to enter. Sprouts, eggs, etc. are used, along with green onions, chopped nori, bonito, pickled Fukugami. Poppe is a dialect of Kagawa prefecture, so-called infant language. In Sakaide-shi, where there are many noodle shops, it is said to have been prepared using surplus refrigerators in the Showa era.


Kagawa Octopus

Ingredients used in takoyaki, slow food baked in the form of large-sized (Imakawa ware). Takoyaki is characterized by its large size and the appearance of takoyaki. Depending on the shop, chopped cabbage is added, so the taste is closer to okonomiyaki than to takoyaki. It is eaten with sauce, sometimes with mayonnaise. It is said that the birthplace is "Takoju Kozen" in Mitoyo City. It seems that the menu was designed to satisfy the stomachs of students with a lot of eating and gained the support of the students. In addition to the birthplace, there are several shops in Kagawa prefecture.


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