Hyogo Akashiyaki

Also known as the roots of takoyaki, Akashi's gourmet is a dough that uses octopus as an ingredient to bake the dough into a sphere. It is characterized by using plenty of chicken eggs as well as flour and baking it in yellow. In the Akashi area, this Akashiyaki is called "eggaki". In addition, the use of floating powder (refined wheat starch) makes the dough soft, so when you eat it, you attach it to the included dashi and eat it.


Hyogo Soba Meshi

This is a gourmet dish in Nagata Ward, Kobe City. Fried rice with sauce taste fried with yakisoba and rice on an iron plate. It is said that the birthplace appeared when a customer asked for "mix and fry white rice" when ordering fried noodles at an okonomiyaki restaurant. It is common to make the sauce fried noodles on an iron plate, add rice, and fry the fried noodles into small pieces with a trowel.


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