Unagi Yoshino

Una Shigematsu It uses eels called "hine babies". If you open the lid with charcoal grill, you can smell the scent. The lightly finished sauce goes well with eel. Ainori Shige A heavy dish consisting of eel half and grilled chicken, green onions, and peppers. You can enjoy not only eel, but also the deliciousness of yakitori, which is the specialty of a specialty store. Una Tosa-zukuri Eat white-broiled scented by shaking sake with plenty of condiments with Tosa vinegar. The taste comes from light and heavy, alternating with the taste of sake.


Ningyocho Umeda Unagi

Unaju Special Uniform and beautiful brown color with no charring, skilled craftsmanship. The refreshing sauce without sugar is also outstanding. One of the hidden flavors is the few drops of cognac that are shaken to finish. Ozeki Umeda bowl The broth roasted with dashi soy sauce is umeboshi, and it is placed on rice laid with seaweed and Japanese chives. You will be surprised at the surprisingly good compatibility between eel and plum.


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