Oita Toriten

“Toriten”, which is fried chicken as tempura instead of fried chicken, is widely offered in the prefecture, mainly in Beppu and Oita, as a prefectural food that Oita citizens prefer. Depending on the shop, the chicken part and the composition of the batter differ, and it is made by fried chicken thighs with flour or potato starch batter. It is said that the founder of Toyoken devised a menu based on Chinese cuisine, but there are various opinions about the origin store.


Hita Yakisoba

Local yakisoba, which is characterized by being baked so hard that a part of it burns on an iron plate. We mainly use bean sprouts, green onions, and pork that are cultivated in famous water. This is a unique method in which noodles that have been boiled in a kettle are not loosened but baked on an iron plate, so that the lard and sauce are mixed well and the sides are scorched until they are loosened. (Depending on the store) It is said that the first store owner of the well-known chain store "Soukou Koi" with Oita in the lead, devised it as a baked noodle dish in the 1955's. Some ramen stores mainly sell Hita Yakisoba, and this is a gourmet…


Oita dango soup

A dish made with miso-made miso soup such as dried sardines and flour in the form of dumplings or flat noodles. It is a local food widely eaten in Oita prefecture. Similar to Kumamoto Prefecture's "dagojiru", but with different ingredients and seasonings. A soup with burdock root, carrots, pork, etc. Since it has less flat land and was better suited for growing wheat than rice, it is a regional dish that is useful as a dish using wheat.


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