Shizuoka Wasabi bowl

Shizuoka Wasabi bowl In Kawazu Town, Izu, "wasabi" is one of the famous products, and "wasabi-don", which is mainly made with wasabi, is famous as a gourmet food. A simple rice bowl with white rice topped with a bonito, and grated wasabi on top. The common way to eat is to sprinkle soy sauce and mix. There are shops where you can grate wasabi, and there are many shops in Kawazu Nanadaru, a tourist spot, and it is said to be the “sacred place for wasabi bowls”.


Shizuoka Ikamenchi

Shizuoka Ikamenchi It is a mixture of minced squid, ground fish such as horse mackerel, mackerel, and flying fish, and chopped vegetables, which is then dumpling-shaped and cooked in heat (fried, baked, boiled). Currently, Ajiro Town, which has been incorporated into Atami City, is a port town that has been rich in catching squid since ancient times. When squid was over-caught in the past, it was created as a recipe that you can eat without getting tired. There are gourmets with the same name in Hirosaki City and Tsugaru area in Aomori Prefecture, but in Atami, it has been popular as a home taste for a long time in Amiyo and there are also re…


Shizuoka is a dish of sea bream

Kinmedai is a deep-sea fish that is very different from sea breams such as red sea bream and features red skin with golden eyes. It is a fish representative of the Izu Peninsula that is often found in Higashi Izu Town and Minami Izu. Izu's golden sea bream is roughly classified into three types depending on the sea area. ・ Ground Kimme ... The most fat-ridden sea bream caught by fishermen around Izu Oshima and Niijima ・ Island Kimme… Kameme bream with fat on top of the ground Kimme caught around Kozushima and Hachijojima ・ Oki Kimme ... Mainly sea bream caught around Hachijojima and Aogashima over a few days using large fishing boats Rich in …


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