Morofrey In Tochigi Prefecture, there is a culture of eating sharks, and in particular, fried sharks are called "Morofrey" and it is a local food that is served on the table as a specialty of Tochigi Prefecture. Since sharks are less susceptible to decay due to urea in the body and can be stored easily, sharks have been useful as a protein source fish that has long been established in Tochigi Prefecture, where there is no sea. In Tochigi Prefecture, sharks transported from Tohoku such as Kesennuma are called "moro", and in Nasu-Shiobara etc. sharks transported from Ibaraki Prefecture are called "samabo". It is a fish that is often eaten as s…


Yamizo Shishimaru

Yamizo Shishimaru In Nakagawa Town, which is located in the eastern part of the prefecture, the local meat brand of wild boar meat that has been locally branded as "Yamizo Shishimaru" is used as a gibier dish. Since Nakagawa Town was established with a boar meat processing facility as a measure against animal damage, we started offering the processed boar meat as a gourmet for sightseeing. The wild boar, which ran abundant mountain food and ran around the mountains in Yamizo, is of good meat quality, and you can enjoy this meat at each restaurant and at the specialty cooking at the inn in Mazu Onsen Village. There are various ways to eat, …


Takanezawa Champon

Takanezawa Champon A noodle dish that uses vegetables and soup made mainly of vegetables from Takanezawa Town, where you can harvest seasonal agricultural products. Born under the "mutual support agreement in the event of a disaster" between Takanezawa Town and Unzen City in Nagasaki Prefecture, noodles are ordered from Nagasaki, the home of Champon, and used. It features a cloudy tonkotsu-based soup colored with vegetables. The first green soup that appeared was the use of Komatsuna paste and soy milk from Takanezawa. Currently, there are eight types of green, red, white, brown, orange, yellow, spring, and peach. It is a champon that uses v…


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