Itoigawa Black Yakisoba

Itoigawa Black Yakisoba Local B-class gourmet food developed by the Itoigawa Umaimon Association, which was formed by restaurants, inns, hotels, etc. in Itoigawa City. A major feature is not only adding squid from Niigata Prefecture to the ingredients, but also using squid ink to make black fried noodles. Ingredients other than squid, seasonings, and toppings are unique to each store, but they tend to put eggs (egg fried eggs, fried eggs, hot spring eggs) on top.


Joetsu White Yakisoba

Joetsu White Yakisoba White Yakisoba promoted by Joetsu's White Yakisoba Promotion Committee, which develops colored Yakisoba by forming red Myoko and Black Itoigawa noodles in three colors. The official name is “Shin White Yakisoba from Kenshin”. Joshikori rice flour from Joetsu 30% noodles and seafood-style salted yakisoba made from local Joetsu ingredients are used to create a gentle taste in the image of Joetsu's snow. Various arrangements are added at each store, such as baked cheese, Chinese style yakisoba, Italian style, French style, fish sauce and salt koji.


Akakura Red Yakisoba

Akakura Red Yakisoba Named for Akakura Onsen in Myoko, yakisoba is particular about red. It seems to make bright red noodles with flour mixed with rice flour of Myokoyama, including plateau vegetables such as paprika and tomato, and most restaurants do not use chili and are not spicy noodles. As part of the "Red Hot Campaign" developed by the Akakura Onsen Tourism Association, this menu appeared during the development of a menu using special products such as citrus (seasoning) and plateau tomatoes. There are stores that only accept reservations and inns that only allow guests, so check in advance.


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