Tangerines On Suo-Oshima, where the production of mandarin oranges is high, the “mandarin orange hot pot” that uses Wenshu mandarin oranges and seafood from the Seto Inland Sea is a specialty. To reduce the fishy odor by putting whole mandarin oranges that meet the standards. You can enjoy ingredients such as mackerel puffer and chicken based on the sardine soup stock. "Mikan Shiratama," which uses mandarin oranges, may be added, and it is also a standard item to eat with mandarin oranges and pepper. Most of the shops require reservations, and most of the shops only offer them to guests, but there are also shops that offer lunch in a single …



Chagayu Local cuisine that has been handed down from the Edo era in the Yanai region, where rice is cooked with hojicha. It is said that Mr. Yoshikawa of Iwakuni encouraged and took root to save rice under severe circumstances. The sweetness of rice and the simple taste of savory Hojicha. It is said that they sometimes add mochi and sweet potatoes to eat.


Beef bone soy sauce ramen

Beef bone soy sauce ramen The most distinctive feature of the beef bones is the Kudamatsu Ramen, which is located in Kudamatsu City. Rarely in Japan, the Kurayoshi area in Tottori prefecture and the Kudamatsu area in Yamaguchi prefecture are said to be the two major giants. Beef bone soy sauce soup, which is made with beef bones and dipped in soy sauce, is commonly known as the “sukiyaki taste” and has a slightly scented and lingering finish. Local people usually call it “Chuka soba”, a ramen unique to Kudamatsu that has been popular for its old-fashioned taste.


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