Bali buckwheat

Bali buckwheat "Katayaki soba" dish is made by putting vegetables such as cabbage, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, and jellyfish on thick fried noodles and lightly thick chicken gala-based soup. It is said that it resembles Nagasaki plate udon, but the characteristic feature of Bari Soba is that it is juicy rather than soup rather than ankake. You can eat it as it is, but it is common to eat it with vinegar, vinegar soy sauce, or ponzu soy sauce. The origin of Harukiken in Yamaguchi City, which was created with reference to Taiwanese noodle dishes after the war. While the menu is unique to Harukiken, there is a movement to make it a speci…


Crab waiting for the moon (blue crab)

Crab waiting for the moon (blue crab) The blue crabs caught in the waters near Ube City are called "Tsuki-waiting crabs", and Ube City boasts the largest landing amount in the Seto Inland Sea, and it was once the number one in Japan. The blue crab, which is commonly said to be used for seasoning sauces, is eaten by Ube's unique culture. Blue crabs that are born in spring are in full bloom in autumn and winter. It is said that the winter when the body is firmly packed is delicious, and the winter when there are eggs "Uchiko" and crab meat inside the shell is also attractive. It features delicate sweetness and a faint scent. Boiled and grilled…


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