Fried from soy sauce

Fried from soy sauce The number of specialty fried chicken shops has increased since the 2010s, but there are many soy sauce karaage shops in Ibaraki prefecture that use soy sauce. There are many places to expand the chain. ・ Karamaru, which has multiple stores in Ibaraki prefecture and uses Shibanuma soy sauce ・ “Ganso Karaage Honpo” that spreads mainly in the northern Kanto region using Chiba soy sauce ・ "Terada Shoten" is headquartered in Ryugasaki and operates mainly in Ibaraki prefecture. ・ "Kenkyu", which has one store in Ushiku "Chick Ichiban", a nationwide chain Yukimura-tei, opens in the center of Ibaraki Prefecture ・ A chicken chai…


Whereabouts burger

Whereabouts burger A burger that appeared in 2009, developed mainly by the Aso Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There are four types of burgers that use ingredients from Whereabouts, starting with a hamburger made from American catfish patties. The city of Fukukata faces Kasumigaura, and it is a burger named "Name Pakkun" that uses American catfish cultivated in Kasumigaura. The onion and lotus root are used, using the “fat meat” of the pectoral fin. Other burgers are pork (pork from Ibaraki prefecture and minced meat made from onions), carp (carp from Kasumigaura), and duck (teriyaki duck meat grown by Akamo farming).


Shimodate Ramen

Shimodate Ramen A soy sauce ramen rooted in the local area of chicken char siu with rich mouth broth served near Shimodate Station in the center of Chikusei City. The characteristic feature of the amber soup is the rich and deep flavor of the soup with dark soy sauce. The parts used for chicken char siu differ depending on the shop. Another characteristic is the standard toppings at each store. One of the classics is to put chicken skin and chicken motsu, and there are also shops that are famous for wonton noodles with wonton.


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