Tofu miso ramen

Tofu miso ramen Miso ramen with plenty of chopped tofu and white onion. Local ramen that is widely provided in the north of the prefecture. It originated in a Chinese restaurant in Hitachi Omiya City and is said to be a menu made from miso soup of tofu and leeks. There are different types of miso depending on the shop, and there are many shops that finish with spicy and sweet soup to make it spicy.


Mito Domain Ramen

Mito Domain Ramen It is said that Mito Komon (Mitsukuni Tokugawa) was the first person to eat ramen in Japan, and there is a record that the vassals also had a treat after learning how to make it. The ramen at that time was recreated in the "Mito clan ramen", which is a ramen that has been introduced through trial and error by Kawasaki noodles in Mito City and researchers from the culinary clan of the Mito clan. We use noodles with lotus root. One of the features is that you learn from the Confucian philosophy of Yin Yang Gogyo and use shiitake mushrooms as a set in contrast to meat. In addition, as a condiment called "Goshi" derived from th…


Angler pot

Angler pot Angler fish that are often caught in Ibaraki prefecture. "Anko Nabe", a classic way of eating in Ibaraki prefecture, is a typical winter taste. Western-style puffer fish pan is representative of eastern Japanese monkfish pan as a high-class fish pan. You can enjoy it by adding various parts as a fish that can be eaten except for bones, and whether the soup in the pot is soy sauce or miso varies depending on the shop.


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