Beef cutlet

Beef cutlet In Kansai, beef is the mainstream rather than pork, and it is a dish of beef that is fried and battered in the same manner as Tonkatsu. The standard Bifuku cutlet in the Kansai region is eaten with Worcestershire sauce and the like through heat, but in Kyoto, it is fried in a short time so that redness remains. In 2015, there was a temporary boom in Tokyo, and “Katsuyu” has become a chain in Kyoto.


Herring soba

Herring soba Kake soba, which is made with the simmered herring of Kanroi, is a famous Kyoto city specialty. There is a history of using herring that was transported from Hokkaido, where herring fishing was a long time ago, as a preserved food in a basin surrounded by mountains. Warm soba with Kanjo-style dashi topped with Kujo green onions is common, and chilled herring soba, which is a ginger cold soup, also appears in the summer.


Saikyo Yaki, Pickled Saikyo

Saikyo Yaki, Pickled Saikyo “Saikyo-zuke”, which is a light-yellow sweet Kyoto miso made in Kyoto, is further cooked with fish-pickled “Saikyo-zuke” and is a classic Kyoto dish. Fish such as salmon, mackerel, mackerel, and cod are mainly used, and recently, the number of shops offering pork Saikyo ware has increased. The reason is that miso pickles were used as a method for long-term preservation of perishable fish during the Heian period.


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