Kitakata Ramen

Kitakata Ramen A soy sauce ramen that features a soup with a clear soy sauce flavor based on pork bones and dried broth, and "flattening aged poly-water noodles," which is characterized by its unique crispness and softness. It is an orthodox Chinese soba with char siu, white onion, menma, and naruto. Boasting 120 stores in the city and the number of Dantotsu stores, it is said to be one of the three major ramen noodles in Japan.


Aizu horse sashimi

Aizu horse sashimi Kumamoto and other places are famous throughout Japan for horse sashimi, but Aizu is also famous for its horse sashimi. Aizu has a culture of eating spicy miso, and even at restaurants, spicy miso usually comes out on the edge of the plate.


Wappa rice

Wappa rice Bamboo bowl called "Wappa", one of Aizu's gourmet dishes, is a dish of rice and ingredients. Including seafood such as salmon, salmon roe, and crab, ingredients such as bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and wild vegetables are served.


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