Takasaki pasta

Takasaki pasta Takasaki is a "town of pasta" with many pasta stores per population. In Gunma prefecture, which is the main wheat producing region, it is spread in the form of pasta (spaghetti) instead of udon and yakisoba. It is said that the long-established Italian restaurant "Shango", which was founded in 1968 (Showa 43), spread pasta to Takasaki, and it is a typical position of Takasaki pasta as a store that offers deca pasta. In particular, there are no rules regarding ingredients and servings that are unique to Takasaki City, but you can eat pasta in various parts of the city, including the Italian restaurant, as well as in downtown Takas…


Ota Yakisoba

Ota Yakisoba Traditional sauce fried noodles featuring thick noodles and thick sauce. Standard ingredients for cabbage, blue seaweed, and red ginger. There are many automobile-related factories in Ota City, represented by the automobile manufacturer SUBARU, and the “cheap, bulky and difficult to grow” yakisoba, which was brought to Ota City by migrant workers, has become established. Each restaurant uses its own unique blend of sauces, and depending on the shop, the color is dark enough to be said to be "black."


Himokawa udon

Himokawa udon Himokawa is a type of wheat udon noodle that has a wide width. Especially in Kiryu City, "himokawa udon" is a local dish that is characterized by being thinly rolled and wide. One of the features is that it has a smooth texture and a soothing sensation when it is stretched to a thickness of 1 mm, which is thinner than the famous Gunma prefecture's "Okkirikomi". The width varies depending on the shop, but it is wide, about 5 cm to 10 cm. You can enjoy it with cold noodle soup, warm soup with paulownia mushrooms, etc. In addition, there are many udon restaurants in Kiryu City called "Kiryu Udon", and you can enjoy "Curry Himokawa…


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