Mozuku vinegar

Mozuku vinegar A filamentous seaweed with a thickness of around 1 mm that branches into a length of several tens of centimeters. "Mozuku vinegar" seasoned with vinegar is distributed nationwide, but as a domestic production center, it is a staple Okinawa ingredient mainly in Okinawa Prefecture. In Okinawa, you can eat it with tempura and sauce. It is characterized by a slimy surface texture.


Red sweet potato, red sweet potato croquette

Red sweet potato, red sweet potato croquette Violet sweet potatoes cultivated mainly in Okinawa are called Beniimo, which is a special product of Okinawa as a different variety from purple potato. There are also sweets and ice creams such as the classic Okinawa souvenir "Beniimo tart", and you can enjoy them in a Japanese pub such as Beniimo croquette.



Jussy A rice dish in which ingredients such as pork are cooked together with rice. Contains small cut ingredients such as carrots. There are two types: uncle and type yafara (soft) juicy, and cooked rice type kfa juicy. It is often offered as a set menu such as Okinawa soba


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